A & E Engineering

UPDATE: I'm buggin' out. I will be moving to Hollister, CA (bleah!) around October 12-14. As such, it is currently unwise to send orders for anything just now. A small page has been set up with what info is currently available regarding this move and its consequences (APR will forge on ahead, with perhaps some delays; PTM is currently kaput; A&E is in some serious doubt).

A & E Engineering is a small engineering company with experience in the rocketry field. If you have an idea and some funding, we can design, build and test it for you.

Please take a look at the pages below to see photos of projects that the staff of A & E Engineering have been responsible for, in whole or in part.

Current Projectshere.

Liquid fueled Rocketshere.

Ejector ramjets here.

Vehicle design here.

Upper stage design here.

Technical consulting for science fictionhere.

Display models/mockups here.

Aircraft/Spacecraft Historical Research here.

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A & E Engineering

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