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Issue Volume 3, Number 1

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Articles in Issue V3N1 of APR:


The Convair NEXUS was a series of 1963-1964 designs for one and two-stage to orbit launch vehicle capable of orbiting payloads measured in millions of pounds. This article includes many diagrams of numerous versions of the NEXUS.

Convair XP-92 by Robert Bradley

This article reveals in great detail the design of the supersonic ramjet-powered delta-winged interceptor concept that preceded the successful F-102 and F-106 designs.

Werner von Braun's Ferry Rocket

Von Braun's early 1950's concept for a three-stage fully reusable "Ferry Rocket" that anticipated the Saturn V in size and the Space Shuttle in role.

Two "Aerospace History Nuggets:"

Lockheed GL 238

A "road not taken" on the way from the C-130 to the C-141.

McDonnell-Douglas ATF

An unsucessful bid to become the F-22.

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